About Baidu Blue Sky Algorithm

At present, many domestic webmasters use high-weight sites or news source sites to sell secondary catalogs and software advertisements to obtain profits, resulting in a lot of low-quality junk articles on search engines, which seriously affects the user’s search experience. Therefore, Baidu has released the “Blue Sky Algorithm” to deal with this kind of thing that has occurred at present, and conduct anti-cheating crackdowns. Why do they use high-weight sites or news source sites to make profits? Next, the editor of the super ranking system will explain to you.

1. So what is the blue sky algorithm

The Blue Sky algorithm is a search engine algorithm designed by Baidu’s anti-cheating team. It is mainly aimed at an algorithm for selling adverts and catalog sites, because they seriously violated the news source rules and affected the normal user search experience. Therefore, we must crack down on them severely, guide the healthy development of search engines, and give users a blue sky for search.

2. What is the news source? What are the characteristics

News source refers to the information that meets the criteria of search engine news inclusion. The web page information on the site will be indexed by search engines first, and it will be reprinted by a large number of online media to become the source media of online news.

The characteristics are: news sources have the characteristics of fast collection, fast reposting, and a certain degree of credibility and authority.

3. What is the second-level catalog, and why do you want to sell the second-level catalog?

The second-level directory is the second-level section of a website. The news source type website uses the characteristics of high weight to sell the software of the industry type that is not his website. The advantage of fast search engine ranking is to make profits, so sell Second-level directory, this behavior completely affects the user’s search experience. Therefore, Baidu’s anti-cheating team designed the Blue Sky algorithm to combat it.

4. How to avoid the blue sky algorithm during optimization

1) Write high-quality articles, and operate the platform from a professional perspective and innovative models to make profits. Delete those articles with poor quality to gain the high trust of search engines, and then submit the deleted links in the background of Baidu webmaster.

2) Regardless of whether the news source site or not a news site, do not conduct sales of secondary catalogs and news source sites, especially publishing irrelevant to the industry. This will especially lead to the identification of the blue sky algorithm. You can publish it. , At least the column type and subject content are consistent.

3) If the website has been hit, it is necessary to rectify it in time, and after clearing out irrelevant content, apply for news sources from Baidu again.

Five, what is the penalty of the blue sky algorithm

Sites that violate the “Blue Sky Algorithm” will be degraded in the Baidu search system. Your own news site will self-check the content of the site as soon as possible. If there is behavior that harms the user experience, then quickly change it, otherwise Baidu The attack will be full and will never be soft.

Sixth, what should I do if it is misjudged as the blue sky algorithm

After checking a few articles by myself, if there are indeed any adverts or second-level catalogs for sale, if you are accidentally misjudged as the blue sky algorithm, you can feedback through the Baidu News Source Feedback Center and apply for the restoration of the news source qualification.

7. Is it possible to publish soft articles on other platforms if it is so strict?

Of course, you can publish soft articles, but you can publish in a variety of ways. You can’t always publish on one platform, and the published soft articles should be high-quality soft articles as much as possible. In fact, the blue sky algorithm strikes the kind of rough soft articles that don’t match the topic. The messy, large-scale, and completely useless articles are all spam articles, which seriously affect the user experience. Moreover, a very good advertisment can achieve 10w+ visits and the effect is very good, indicating that the current high-quality advertisment is still very popular with Baidu search engine and by users.

Summary: What is the blue sky algorithm, how to avoid the blue sky algorithm in the optimization, etc. have all been explained above, I hope to have a little help for the optimizer or the editor!

Author: sunnygoogle