About Baidu Hurricane Algorithm

Recently, many friends and customers have responded to the editor of the super ranking system, why my website index has been declining recently, and the decline is still very large, and the inclusion has also declined, the website thesaurus has declined, and the keyword rankings There is no more. Ask me what’s going on, how could this happen, in fact, many of your websites are caused by Baidu’s Hurricane algorithm, because you just started to optimize this area, and many customers don’t know how to optimize and just copy others. After getting the article of, it led to this happening on the website today. Then the editor of Super Ranking System will talk about the hurricane algorithm for everyone. Friends and customers who understand it will naturally understand.

1. What is Baidu’s Hurricane Algorithm

The simple and core Speaking Hurricane algorithm is a search engine algorithm released by Baidu search to combat the collection of bad sites and provide authors of high-quality original content with more search display opportunities. The purpose is to promote the healthy development of search ecology.

Two, the hurricane algorithm version type description

1. Hurricane Algorithm 1.0: In July 2017, Baidu released the Hurricane Algorithm, which mainly targets websites that collect the content sources of other people’s websites. Baidu search engine will conduct a thorough and clean collection from the index library. Links provide more search displays for authors of high-quality original content, and better promote the benign development of the search industry ecology.

2. Hurricane Algorithm 2.0: This algorithm was released by Baidu Search in September 2018. It is an upgrade of the Hurricane Algorithm. It clearly shows that it is a crackdown on content splicing, the collection traces are obvious, there is a large amount of collected content on the website, and there are more Collected across different fields, this upgrade of the hurricane algorithm further protects the original articles written by authors with their own professional knowledge.

3. Hurricane Algorithm 3.0: This algorithm was released by Baidu on August 8, 2019. In fact, it is also an upgrade to the 2.0 algorithm. The scope of the attack is wider, mainly against the pc site, h5 site, and applet under Baidu search. Existing cross-domain collection and batch construction of search traffic behavior obtained by station groups. The purpose is to protect the browsing experience of search users and protect the healthy development of the search industry. This blow is thorough enough, and it seems that the Internet search industry is getting healthier and fairer.

3. So, how to crack the hurricane algorithm

1. Regarding content splicing: In the content section, do not use a collection editor to collect multiple different articles for splicing. This will cause the overall website content to be uncomfortable. The logic is not correct, the main theme of the article is not thought, and there is no satisfaction at all. User needs.

Solution: When publishing the article on the website, the title of the article should be written clearly and clearly. After the main meaning is clearly expressed, the content should be written according to the title of the article. The content structure should be reasonable and orderly, and the logic should be clearly laid out and closely follow the theme. Come and play writing.

2. Obvious collection traces: There are a large number of collections of other people’s websites and the contents of the official account I on the website, which are directly moved over, and there is no secondary sorting and expression of professional knowledge opinions. Moreover, the collected links are all dead links, the functions are also missing, and the layout is chaotic, which seriously affects the user’s reading experience and feelings.

Solution: It’s not impossible to collect. You have to write twice, typeset the article, and then publish your professional opinions. Check all the collected links and change the dead links. It is the link path of your own website, so that you can better meet the needs of users, and search engines think that you are a valuable article that can be helpful to users.

3. Regarding the issue of site groups: At present, many domestic site group sites build sites in large quantities in order to make quick profits. However, the content of the sites is highly acquainted, the quality is poor, and some templates are all the same, and they are not given to users at all. Brings substantial value and cannot solve the needs of users. This kind of people like Zhongbaidu’s hurricane algorithm.

Solution: It is okay to engage in site groups, but the first choice is to handle the template. Each template cannot be the same. The code of the template must be rewritten, the website structure must be redesigned, and then the content must be redesigned. To deal with it well, to write a high-quality article, you need to pass the MD5 fingerprint algorithm. Attract more spiders to crawl.

4. Regarding cross-domain collection issues: It is divided into two categories. The first category is: the information displayed in the title of the homepage column, the keyword “content summary, etc.” has a clear field and industry, but many people do it for traffic and profit purposes. The content posted is actually irrelevant to the field, or the relevance is very low. The second category is: Conversely, many sites or small programs do not have a clear domain and industry, but the content involves multiple domains or industries, resulting in low domain authority of the site.

Solution: It is recommended that webmasters should publish articles in their own fields, and publish professional articles through professional fields. The logical structure of the website columns is clearly designed, and users should not be ignorant of what this is, otherwise it will cause the problem. The site focus area is slowly decreasing, which also affects the display of your site in the search results page. Then don’t think about other things.

5. Regarding the large amount of collected content on the site: This is because many sites are too lazy to write articles, or their own content writing ability is poor, or it is a way to directly collect a large number of others for free.

Solution: It is still recommended that you generate original content. If there is really no way, you can make a high degree of pseudo original content. If you want to collect occasionally, you can indicate the source of the collection. Don’t collect more than one website. The reason is that if you collect too much, the quality trust of your website will be taken down, or if it is gone, you will understand the consequences. Don’t collect directly, relying on this era of ranking and browsing has passed.

Summary: Judging from the hurricane algorithm released by Baidu, the era of cross-domain traffic acquisition that used to rely on collection and batch construction of sites to build sites that did not follow the requirements is really gone. Baidu is paying more and more attention to knowledge. The value of the article is becoming more and more important, so you have to follow the requirements in a regular manner. Otherwise, you and Baidu search engine will work against each other, and the result will only be the word failure!

Author: sunnygoogle