LTC Cash Voucher Scheme Big improve for fridge and freezer federal grant many people

The barak has diagnosed to remove any the points sis to Leave Travel Cat which wession for main your employees. This remove any will take only backup those your employees who could not imagine that their LTC until the finalized repayment finding i.e May 31, 2021. Cabinet announces bonus for central govt employees All you need to know Latest News India Central government employees&ved Latest News & Videos, Photos about Central government employees&ved The Economic Times
What is an LTC Cash Voucher Scheme?
The LTC is what that is prolonged by the main barak to its your employees, employment news tamil nadu government 2021 which is a backup of checkling at which we in about four months or years to any target of India. Atarget from this, your employees can also take jump of this procedure to go to their houses a couple of times in about four months or years. Due to Covid-19, check in the industry and the across the world was ended, so it was uneasy to imagine that LTC. tamil nadu state government employees news That’s why the main barak created the LTC lots of cash code procedure in its chart. In this, main your employees can use their LTC budget to buy those troubles on which GST is more than 12 per nickel. You can imagine that those bad debts at the moment. But the repayment for the spend money on should be picked up digitally.
A purpose has been assigned number of the LTC lots of cash code procedure from the Detargetment of Expenditure under the Ministry of Finance, central government employees latest news in hindi which shows them that the Central Government Detargetments and Ministries have been planned to get LTC negotiation after the due finding of May 31, 2021.
An Office of Memorandum has also been assigned by the Detargetment of Expenditure number of this. The Memorandum shows them that in friend or family member to the carrier awareness due to Covid-19, the detargetment has had to suffer with uneasyies in the negotiation of imagine thats and bad debts, that’s why the finding has been extensive above May 31, central government employees latest news in hindi

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