Common problems of SEO website optimization

In the process of SEO optimization, you will definitely encounter some problems. In addition to these problems, you may basically be Baidu, or ask the SEO gods around you, but you must know that the gods also don’t know. The things on Baidu are also varied. Yes, here is also a summary of the most common problems of SEO website optimization. Every time Baidu is updated, the SEO inclusion of the website decreases for no reason? I think many people have encountered this problem, right?

In fact, when this kind of problem occurs, it is that the weight of your website is not high, the quality of the article is too low, and basically no readability, it may be included by search engines, but it is also placed at the bottom. This kind of inclusion It is not helpful for website optimization. The articles should be of high quality and have practical meaning to users.

The search engine algorithm changes, the SEO ranking drops, and the snapshot is not updated. When this happens, most of the SEO keywords are ranking up, and the website is not so sad. The best solution is to continue to update the website articles. The normal optimization method can be solved.

The optimization of the website is always being updated, the external links are always on, and the ranking of the website does not change. Content updates and external links can really bring traffic to the website, mainly to allow the website to have a good ranking in search engines, and to bring traffic through search engines, so as to achieve conversion rate! It is a long-term training process! But there are many ways to get traffic, not just search engines.

How long does it take to restore the rankings when the website is downgraded?

It is uncertain how long it will take to restore demotion rights to reach the previous ranking. It may be days or months, so be patient.

When will Baidu be updated?

This has to do with the weight and quality of your website. High-powered search engine spiders will appear every few minutes, and your updates are fast. The weight is not high, and you may not update your site for a long time. Currently, most radio stations are updated once a week. Baidu has a small update on Thursday morning, and another big update at the end of each month.

Baidu snapshot is updated but not included

Snapshots are always updated to show that at least spiders often come to your website to find food, but about your website page content, website layout, loading speed, website structure, etc. Snapshot update does not mean fast inclusion

Baidu snapshot has not been updated for a long time

The influencing factors of the snapshot update include: website internal links, website updates, external link update frequency, cheating, etc. In many cases, improper operation will cause Baidu snapshots to not be updated or other abnormalities.

Author: sunnygoogle