Google SEO whole site optimization ideas

Google SEO whole site optimization ideas

What are the general ideas for the optimization of the entire site? The following editor of the super ranking system will explain to you in detail:

1. Site optimization

The optimizations we need to do before and when building the website, including title optimization, description keyword optimization, website code optimization, website opening speed optimization, link optimization, and image optimization, etc., are all of our Time to optimize the content.

2. Flow optimization

The premise of planning to rely on SEO for traffic is that your website must bring traffic to search engines. That is to say, when the traffic of your website is very high, if the search engine can’t search your website, users will naturally not use this search engine. Then search engines will lose traffic to your website. At this time, search engines will improve your ranking just to prevent traffic loss.

Three, link optimization

Although the Luluo algorithm is still in progress, it cannot be proved that the link has no effect on the ranking. If the link does not affect the ranking, then Baidu will not launch the Luluo algorithm, so we can still make our optimization plan on the link, link optimization Including SEO external chain and SEO internal chain. I once saw a website with a weight of 6 that did this way.

Make dozens of navigation websites, exchange friendly links with the new site, don’t talk about the weight of the other’s website, don’t talk about the snapshot time of the other’s website, and can be exchanged if included, link your own navigation website to the other’s website, and the other’s website to your own weight 6 Website. This is also the cross link that SEOER often talks about.

The internal link is naturally added according to the needs of the text. When the keywords written are related to another text on our website, we can use the recommendation of the internal link to tell the user about the new page.

Fourth, content optimization

When you write an article or a piece of content, you must be purposeful, not copy the content at will. For example, the purpose of this article is to tell users how to optimize the entire site and use this article to make “the entire site” Optimized for keyword ranking. I have seen that many websites like to copy other people’s content. In fact, this is not the bottom line. Some friends even do not bother to typeset the copied articles. This is the bottom line.

Five, user experience optimization

User experience is something we often need to optimize. User experience is almost the same as water. It seems to be visible and invisible, and it seems to be touchable but not touchable. The traffic we bring needs to rely on user experience to retain our traffic, so when you find out which parts of the website are not suitable, you can make minor revisions to the website, or use a heat map to see where your website’s focus is and which parts are not. Suitable for other issues.

The above is all about the optimization of the whole site. I hope to help you. For more information, please pay attention to the super ranking system.

Author: sunnygoogle