How does Baidu Quick Ranking use keywords to master quick ranking skills?

Baidu fast ranking, as a ranking technology, can be said to be optimized for company platforms. But the scheme used is different from the Ares quick sorting system, and the actual ranking effect of the website will also be different. Therefore, the super ranking system is also more mature in terms of keywords. So, what are the specific techniques involved?

Tip 1: First of all, the title of the homepage of the website should contain the core keywords of the website, so that it can be higher in position. After all, the content displayed in the search process is the title of the website, which further increases the weight of the website, plays a very good role in crawling search engines, and brings about a significant increase in the inclusion rate. The actual effect brought about by this kind of God of War quick queue technique is also very good.

Tip 2: Control the reasonable keyword density between 5%-8%, and make a reasonable layout in the overall content of the website. There must be no keyword pile-up phenomenon, otherwise it will directly reduce the ranking effect. of. Therefore, after the density is reasonably checked, the actual Baidu fast ranking effect is also very good. Everything needs to be rigorous to grasp the number of keywords.

Tip 3: For a website to quickly rank on Baidu, it needs to have an appropriate amount of high-quality external links to be able to play a better role in ranking. Therefore, the actual details and requirements should be carefully checked. Only after grasping the characteristics of keywords, it will be more accurate and reliable when doing external chain generation. Only after strict screening of external links is done, it is very helpful to the actual Ares quick queue.

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Author: sunnygoogle