How does Baidu search engine crawl website pages?

The Baidu search engine uses spiders to crawl and index web pages. Crawling the content of the page is the first step of the search engine’s work. Understanding the mechanism of crawling web pages by search engines can help spiders and crawlers to crawl more web pages and improve the ranking of the website. The editor of the super ranking system organizes and publishes it.

How does Baidu search engine crawl website pages?

A spider, also known as a web spider, is a program or script that crawls web pages according to certain rules.

If a spider wants to crawl the content of a website, it needs to have an entrance for crawling. If there is no entrance, they cannot crawl the website. Therefore, after the website is built, we must give the search engine an entrance to the website, so that the spider can follow the link to enter every corner of the website, and will not stop until certain conditions are reached. The setting of stopping conditions is usually determined by time or number, and the number of links can also be used to limit the crawling of spiders. At the same time, the importance of page information will also determine whether the crawler will retrieve the page.

In search engines, some websites are very popular with spiders, and these websites will also be the starting point for spiders and reptiles. Under normal circumstances, this kind of website has a certain degree of famousness and navigation, which is very suitable as a seed website. Therefore, when optimizing the website, you can submit your own website to the classification directory, which is conducive to the crawling of spiders and reptiles.

The frequency of website updates directly affects the crawling frequency of spiders. If the website is updated regularly and quantitatively every day, the spider will also enter the website to crawl during this time.

Every time a spider crawls the content of a website, it stores the content. If the second crawl finds that the page is the same as the previous crawl, it means that the website has not been updated. After a long period of crawling, the spider crawler will have a certain understanding of the update frequency of the website pages. For some websites that are not updated frequently, spider crawlers will also give up crawling. If the content of the website is updated frequently, spider crawlers will often enter the website to crawl new links on the website, thereby improving the ranking of the website.

Therefore, in the process of website optimization, the content of the website should be updated frequently to increase the frequency of the website being crawled. Search engine spiders will store the webpage in the original database after crawling the webpage. After some time, the search engine will process the pages in the original database accordingly.

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