How to avoid over-optimization of website Seo?

Regarding the concept of excessive SEO optimization, many people are not clear about which method is attributed to excessive SEO optimization, which method is not attributed to excessive SEO optimization, and what optimization method is attributed to excessive SEO optimization. In this regard, the editor of the Super Ranking System The understanding is like this, as long as all optimizations within the normal optimization methods can not be regarded as excessive SEO optimization, then which optimization method is regarded as normal, which optimization method is regarded as abnormal, if you do not know how to distinguish.

1. Over-optimized website content

Website optimization seoer often says that “content is king, external links are king”, which shows the importance of content to a website. Our website, without exception, is weighted by content, but if the website has a large number of keywords, or publishes some articles that are not related to the website or column keywords, or some low quality The pseudo-original articles will cause your website to generate a lot of low-quality spam, which will result in excessive optimization of website content, and it is also very low for user experience.

2. There are a lot of meaningless anchor text links at the bottom of the homepage

Many webmasters will add a lot of meaningless anchor text at the bottom of the website. At this time, the search engine will judge it as over-optimized, so we should not pile up keywords and anchor text links, but make the keywords and anchor text more natural. Show up.

Three, a large number of internal links point to a keyword

If a large number of the same anchor text links (internal links) all point to the same keyword, it will also cause the search engine to judge that it is over-optimized. There are more cases of this. What we need to do is to make a reasonable keyword Layout, reasonable distribution of anchor text link keywords, link each page with anchor text, weave into a relatively large web, this has a very good effect on website optimization.

Fourth, the speed of increase in external links is too fast

If the number of external links increases suddenly, search engines will also think that it is cheating, and will think that it is a mass distribution of external links and spam external links. Therefore, when we release external links, we must be quantitative, and we must send them step by step, not to go up and down, and we must stick to it.

Finally, let me say one thing: the concept of over-optimization is a bit paradoxical. The so-called “over-optimization” is actually wrong optimization, or non-optimization. So strictly speaking, there is no over-optimization. But for the convenience of discussion, we don’t need to bite the bullet and use the term “over-optimization”.

SEO personnel should understand what is on the website and outside of the website and how to optimize it. At the same time, they should also understand that when all the places that can be optimized are achieved to the extreme, negative effects may be produced, and a problem of degree and balance must be mastered. .

Author: sunnygoogle