How to design an attractive website?

Website construction must be based on website functions, so as to achieve user-centric website construction. To increase the influence of website construction and attract more people’s attention, it is necessary to build the website structure according to the functional positioning. If the user does not leave immediately while browsing and browses several pages at the same time, it means that the website has a certain appeal and has a significant website effect.

First, the eye-catching navigation design

When designing a website, the navigation of the website should be set in a prominent position of the webpage, usually at the top, so that users can find the content they want in the first time. Horizontal navigation, which also makes vertical drop-down menus, has become the mainstream direction of navigation bar design for a long time. This design, balanced and less interference, is one of the good choices.

However, horizontal navigation does not necessarily meet the needs of all websites. There are many vertical navigation websites, especially most e-commerce websites are vertical navigation. Colored labels are used to identify different categories, and the vertical navigation design coincides with the shopping guide brochures in the real world. This kind of navigation conforms to a multi-category and multi-content information architecture. The use of horizontal navigation here will cause confusion due to category and text content.

Each has its advantages, choose according to the needs of the website.

Second, make full use of the white space in the website

All the spaces on the page are very valuable. Make full use of these spaces, but you can’t just fill up the whole space blindly. Too full content will not only affect the visual clutter, but also hinder users in the first time. Find valid information to close the website.

Therefore, it is very important to maintain the consistency and cleanliness of the page when designing the website. It should be noted that the user stays on the webpage is left by the first vision. The blank design of the webpage allows the user to breathe while browsing and expand the visual effect.

Third, remember not to ignore the background color as a transparent color

When using pictures, in order to avoid the misunderstanding that part of the white is regarded as a transparent color, the website construction should pay attention to changing the background color. You can use other colors instead of the same white.

Fourth, to strengthen the visual effect, the background color and the text must have a strong contrast

When setting the background color and text, it is recommended not to use bright colors. While ensuring the uniform style, expand the visual contrast between the two, so as to facilitate users to read and provide users with a more comfortable reading environment.

Fifth, be familiar with various equipment

It is necessary to use various digital devices to browse the web proficiently. Different systems and different devices have differences in browsing the web. So you should leave the electronic devices you are most familiar with in a timely manner and try more digital devices. equipment.

If it is displayed clearly on a large device such as a computer, but it is difficult to browse the web on the small window of the mobile phone, make sure that your web page can be browsed smoothly under any circumstances.

Sixth, when designing the page, it is recommended to use the internal continuous form setting for the long page

Generally speaking, when users browse long pages, they will be impatient and impatient. In order to avoid users’ lack of patience, they must pay attention to the simplicity of the screen and highlight the key points in the design, so as to enhance the attractiveness of the page and provide users with Timely and effective information.

The purpose of enhancing the website’s effect is to improve the marketing ability and attractiveness of the website. A unique website is bound to improve the image of the enterprise and enhance the loyalty of customers.

Website construction is to take users as the core, so website construction should be based on website functions. Build the website structure according to functional positioning. The purpose of website construction is to increase the influence of the website and attract more people’s attention. So, how should the website effect be enhanced during website construction?

Seventh, backup and packaging

The website seems to be a complete whole, but it is not the case. It is also vulnerable and fragile. Backing up a website is a required course. You should understand which things in the website system are more vulnerable to damage, and how often it is reasonable to back up. Even if you don’t understand the reason, at least you must understand what needs to be saved and where the backup should be backed up.

In addition, learn how to locate the website style, design-related, personalization, customer files, and key files of the system, and how to package them.

Author: sunnygoogle