How to get external links for seo website optimization

In seo website optimization, the external link is very important, but at the same time the construction of the external link is also complicated. The construction of external chains needs to be accumulated slowly, and high-quality external chains are helpful to the healthy development of enterprises. There are many ways to obtain external links. As the best one in the external link settings, friendship links are very helpful for increasing the weight of the website. It is particularly important to remove some low-quality links, some of which are external links. The guidelines must be followed.

1. Link relevance: Link anchor text Link anchor text is a well-known important detail about link optimization. It can even influence your search engine rankings, at least on Google. The choice of link anchor text must be followed Content related.

2. The weight of the source link website: the source of the link, the anchor text, it is important that if the website links to you is a reputable one or not, the general website with high PR Google is considered to be reputable.

3. The relevance of links in website optimization: the more peer links a related link gets, GOOGLE believes that this is the recognition of your peers. Therefore, the factor of related links is the highest score given by Google. This phenomenon is not only valued by GOOGLE. For example, Baidu, the number one search engine in China, and Yahoo abroad, also attach great importance to this factor. It is very easy to improve Google rankings from relevant links.

4. Government links: These links to education or government websites are very precious, because the reputation of education and government websites is better than that of .COM and commercial websites, and these links are often difficult to obtain.

5. Link quantity control: Generally, the number of links, the more links the better. Of course, don’t give up the quality of links in order to increase the number of links. What kind of link is a good link, Google’s search engine algorithm has been very accurate in this regard. Therefore, it is recommended not to add bad links to your website casually. This will affect the authority of the website.

The above is how to obtain external links for seo website optimization summarized by the editor. The construction and layout of links are very critical in website optimization, so novice SEOers should not act carelessly. For more seo ranking, seo website optimization, website seo and other related issues, please contact our company.

Author: sunnygoogle