Layout and optimize the website from the perspective of users

1. Title Rolling Theme

For example, if I want to optimize the word “fishing rod”, how would I layout the title? Some people will say, you have said that the word “fishing rod” is optimized. Of course, “fishing rod” is placed in the title. In fact, people who say that do not have a thorough understanding of SEO. My layout of the word “fishing rod” is Yes, but can this word highlight the core of the website? Fishing rod? Imagine a user enters “fishing rod”. What does he want to see? What fishing rod is good for fishing? What is the price of the fishing rod? Which brand of fishing rod is good? If I just lay out the word “fishing rod”, users would not be able to figure out the intent of my website at first glance, and the click-through rate would be greatly reduced.
Through Baidu drop-down and Baidu related searches, we found that “price” and “brand” are the two points that users are most concerned about. If the title of my website is related to these two points, will the relevance of my website be greatly improved? What? I don’t want to describe too much about the title here. You can read my article: SEO title: a dual display of user pain points and their own selling points.

2. The content responds to the theme-related content

In fact, many times we don’t write the title badly, but don’t know how to lay out the content on the site, which leads to the rankings not coming up. How to layout the content? The content needs to be related to the theme (title) of the website. For example, my website is about the brand and price of fishing rods. So how do I lay out the content? Of course it is related to price and brand. For example, what are the related brands? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the brand? Which brands are better to use? What price is suitable for what fishing rod? Price comparison? And so on, we all need to lay out on our own website, because the core of our website is to talk about “price” and “brand”, if you go to talk about how I should go fishing, phishing techniques, and “price” and Is “branding” relevant? Sometimes many people misunderstand the theme of the website. In many cases, the theme of the website is not the main word, but the adverbs of “price” and “brand”.

3. Follow the search engine specifications

This is the most basic content. While doing a good job of content, of course, we must also follow the basic rules of the basic search engine. If the foundation is not done well, the ranking will not be improved no matter how relevant it is.

Author: sunnygoogle