seo homepage optimization: how to determine the quality of a website

seo homepage optimization: how to determine the quality of a website

Now more and more companies have created their own company’s official website, and some companies’ websites have brought a lot of revenue to the company, and even become the main channel of revenue. However, some company websites do not generate value and are useless. How to determine the quality of a website is different for website seo practitioners, search engine users, and search engine spiders. The following seo homepage optimization editor will talk to you about how to judge the quality of a website.

seo homepage optimization: how to determine the quality of a website

1. High-quality content

I think the word “original” is probably deeply rooted in the hearts of the majority of webmasters, so why do I not say “original” but “high-quality” here? In my opinion, many webmasters superficially believe that as long as the website opens quickly, original content, and cool pages are what Baidu Spider likes.

However, in fact, the word “original” has never appeared in the “White Paper on Baidu Web Search Quality”. An article included by Baidu, even if you copy it as it is, and you add some pictures, videos, or downloadable resources that he doesn’t have, your article’s effect will definitely be better than his. , This is not an original article, but why is the SEO effect better than him? This is the value brought by the additional content of the article: what you have, he doesn’t; what you can provide, he can’t!

2. The basis of the website

Undoubtedly, the basic SEO optimization of a website must be an indispensable part of Baidu’s judgment of the pros and cons of a website. It is like the foundation of a house. If the foundation is not strong enough, how about building a house. The basic optimization of the website generally includes: optimization of the overall structure of the website, url optimization, image optimization, code optimization, internal chain and external chain optimization, and so on. Doing these basic SEO work, coupled with regular content updates, at least will not be judged as a spam site by Baidu. Of course, SEO does more than just these tasks.

Three, website visit data

The visit data shared by the website SEO experience, including IP, UV, PV, website bounce rate, page time on page and click range of the heat map, etc. are related to the website. In my opinion, this is the point with the largest proportion described in this article. Nonsense? The most typical example is Taobao. If you are interested, you should be able to find Taobao robots. The txt file blocks all search engine crawlers on the market, so Taobao does not do search engine SEO, but why is its website weight so high? Because the website visit data tells everything.

The above is about how SEO spiders can identify a website. In short, seo homepage optimization is to solve user problems, let users quickly find what they want, and meet user needs. For more search engine optimization, seo ranking, seo website optimization, website seo, website optimization ranking, website ranking optimization, keyword optimization, keyword ranking optimization, website optimization, seo outsourcing, seo homepage optimization and other related issues, please contact our company.

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