SEO introductory knowledge, what is Baidu weight?

SEO introductory knowledge, what is Baidu weight?

For SEO personnel, website weight is a topic that we often discuss. Everyone is racking their brains every day to find ways to increase Baidu weight, but we know that Baidu official does not explicitly launch the quality rating of website weight, usually what we inquire Website weight is just a relative indicator, but this does not affect our understanding of the concept of “Baidu weight”. It has a certain guiding role in SEO work. The editor of the super ranking system organizes and publishes it.

In this era of the Internet, many small partners are just engaged in the Internet industry and are not very familiar with website weights. What does website weight mean, and how to increase Baidu’s weight? Even some friends will feel very confused and can’t find the way forward. The milk tea girl will discuss Baidu’s weight with you through the following content.

1. What is website weight?

a. Weight is the evaluation value given to a webpage by search engines. This weight can reflect the importance of the webpage. The higher the weight, the more trust and recognition of search engines and the better ranking in ranking.

b. The search engine itself has no weight. The weight is given by a third party, such as the “Webmaster Tools” platform, which is what we call a third party; weight is a vague concept, which is inherited from each website Page, we can understand it as the search engine’s trust in the website. The higher the weight, the better the keyword ranking, but it does not determine the ranking.

c. Simply put, Baidu Weight is a comprehensive index of the ranking of the third-party webmaster tool platform on Baidu through website keywords and the traffic it brings. In other words, the more keywords that have an index on the website rank in Baidu, the larger the index of a single keyword, and the more traffic that Baidu eventually brings through keyword searches, the higher its weight will be.

d. Website weight represents the influence of a website in Baidu search results. The higher the Baidu weight, the greater the influence and the higher the relative ranking of related pages.

e. The weight calculation of the website is mainly based on the virtual evaluation of the two major domestic webmaster tools. According to the estimated traffic obtained from the search results of the site, a certain rating is given. It is a virtual indicator, usually divided into 1-10 levels. The higher the level, the higher the weight of Baidu.

2. What are the ways to query Baidu’s weight?

There are many tools for querying website weights. The more common ones are the webmaster’s home, Aizhan, 5118, etc. At present, the relatively accurate website weight query tools are mainly Aizhan and the webmaster’s home:

1., website weight query

2. Webmaster’s Home, Baidu Weight Inquiry

3.5188 Webmaster Tools Query

According to recent statistics, at present, the Baidu weight calculated by is relatively accurate.

3. How to increase the weight of Baidu?

①High-speed and stable host

A high-speed and stable host environment is the basic guarantee for increasing the weight of the website. Frequent downtime and delay of the host often make it difficult to be accessed, let alone increasing the weight and improving the search ranking of the website.

②Select appropriate keywords

What is suitable? If you want to quickly increase Baidu’s weight, you must choose words that can quickly rank up. An SEO blog directly locates the main keyword as “SEO”. How fierce is the competition and how long will it take to do it?

This is obviously not a suitable keyword choice. If you target local SEO, such as Shenzhen SEO, will the competition be much smaller? In this way, you can do it faster, and the time to gain weight is shorter.

If your website has keywords that are ranked in the top 50 keywords with an index, as long as users click on it, your website will have weight.

③Create high-quality website content

For SEO personnel, a high-quality article content is always a compulsory SEO course that cannot be ignored. It can attract visitors and retain visitors. This is the maximum work efficiency.

If visitors come and go, they will not look back. On the one hand, they are tired of operating the website. On the other hand, it will also affect Baidu’s judgment on the website based on indicators such as repeat customers and bounce rate, and affect whether it ranks well for keywords. Therefore, high-quality website content also affects the weight of Baidu.

④Conduct high-quality external chain construction

Link building is a daily compulsory course for every SEO person. External chain building is one of the most effective ways to quickly increase Baidu’s weight. However, the premise is to create high-quality external links. Junk external links often play a role of insufficient success and failure. Excessive image.

You can start building high-quality external links from peer investment, peer-to-peer website friendship link exchange, and guiding users to share independently.

⑤ Create your own brand word in a planned way

This depends on the output of high-quality content, so that the website has many repeat customers, and these netizens take the initiative to search for their own website in Baidu. A website is considered to be successful in terms of content only when it has a brand name (such as a Guangshitong ad). From the search engine’s point of view, a website with a brand name is also an excellent website.

Influential websites come with natural weights. If you are a well-known brand, government department, scientific research institution, or influential person, then the website you create is bound to have a certain degree of privilege.

Based on search engine SEO, the way to increase brand influence is to increase the search volume of brand terms.

⑥ Configure Bear’s Paw Number

If you successfully configure Baidu Bear’s Paw account, you will obviously find that it has a positive effect on the increase of website weight.

4. What is the role of weights?

When the weight of our website is high enough, even if we publish similar articles to the larger platform of the search engine, the search engine will consider ranking the content of the website with higher weight in the top position. At this time, the importance of weight It is reflected that if our weight is high enough, we can get the ranking of the homepage, even if our article is almost plagiarized!

5. Common questions about website weight?

1. What is a weighted domain name, and does the domain name suffix affect weight?

Power domain names mainly refer to the domain names of some special institutions mentioned above, such as:. gov,. edu, etc., in some respects do have the performance of escalation, but at the same time Baidu does not recommend that you adopt it. Domain names such as pw, due to their relatively low price, are often used as site groups, which may have some influence on the weight of the site.

2. The relationship between Baidu weight and site

Small partners often ask: The site is not on the homepage, is it right that the site has been demoted? The specific problem of this issue requires specific analysis and cannot be jumped on.

3. How to identify false high-weight websites by brushing Baidu’s weight?

Since the webmaster tool provides the method of evaluating website weight mainly by swiping the Baidu index, it is relatively easy to swipe the Baidu weight, and the identification is also very simple. You only need to check the Baidu index to see if the search trend of a certain word has suddenly increased significantly. That’s it.

Those who do website optimization hope that the higher the weight of their website, the better, because the weight represents the more traffic to your website. Of course, it does not rule out the use of Baidu weight. It depends on your own eyesight.

SEO summary: The above content is a detailed discussion on how to increase Baidu’s weight, as well as the role of weight and its introduction. Anything you don’t understand can be consulted for free. The content is for reference only.

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