Seo still needs to pay attention to many details when making strategic plans

For every SEO employee, they will formulate their own strategic plan when the website is launched. In fact, in the process of formulating SEO strategic planning, we pay more attention to formulating the plan from a macro level, such as: SEO optimization plan, rarely standardize the relevant implementation details, the editor of the super ranking system organizes and publishes it.

Seo still needs to pay attention to many details when making strategic plans

In practice, some small mistakes are often made, which causes the project to fail to proceed smoothly.

When formulating strategic planning related to SEO, the following four aspects should be paid attention to:

1. Technology and content

In the early days, when recruiting SEO experts, we paid more attention to the technical capabilities of operators, which is of course. It requires proficiency in program code, modification and design of front-end pages, database optimization, etc.

Ensure that the page code is concise and in line with SEO standardization. In practice, no matter how perfect your website structure is, you may be a geek, but if there is no content that meets the user’s search needs, it is useless.

2. Replace the picture

For any mature SEO strategic planning, we rarely see the details of website image optimization, especially in content creation, because the role of images is rarely emphasized in the early days.

Later, based on structured data mapping, the newly submitted high-quality pictures caused the original picture index URL address to change, but in fact, it will lead to a major change in its ranking and Baidu image search engine.

3. Interest symbols

For the interest symbol, it often appears in the tdk tag, especially when designing the title, it often increases the attention of the page title, and is often used, for example: []@! wait.

But if you pay attention to the latest Baidu title design specifications, you will find that Baidu officials are trying to filter these special symbols to avoid affecting the normal keyword ranking in the search results, thereby reducing the user experience and generating a higher bounce rate, further affecting Search engine experience.

4. Negative optimization

For general corporate websites, at the beginning of the launch, when formulating corporate strategic planning, seldom will develop anti-negative SEO strategies, but in the daily operation process, before seeking solutions to optimize negative information, they will encounter related problems .

For example: Facing the hegemony of negative brand words, they are often caught off guard.

If before that, you have a simple strategy, such as:

(1) In the brand word ranking, in addition to the “home page” and key column pages, ranking should also be performed. Therefore, when searching for a specific brand term, the basic homepage is a section of its own website.

(2) Use B2B high-weight websites to cover corporate brand terms.

(3) The use of long-tail words to cover in advance may lead to the appearance of keywords related to negative brand news.

Summary: For a mature search engine optimization team, there are still many details that need to be paid attention to when formulating a strategic plan.

Author: sunnygoogle