Seo website optimization is a never-ending process

After the website ranking and traffic have been improved and stabilized, it cannot be said that it is done. SEO is an endless process. Some websites no longer continue to do SEO, and their rankings can be stable for a long time. Some websites do not advance or retreat. Stopping optimization is likely to result in a slow decline in web rankings and traffic.

There are many reasons for the decline in rankings. The first is the continuous improvement of search engine algorithms. Google makes hundreds of small algorithm changes every year, on average more than once a day. Baidu also changes almost every week. The previously effective SEO techniques may no longer be effective now. Where no one paid attention before, search engines may quietly increase their weight in the algorithm. For example, four or five years ago, the number of external links was the most important. Later, it gradually transformed into winning by quality. Later, anchor text became more and more important. Recently, the weight of anchor text seems to have declined. The same is true for the optimization on the page. In the past, the H1 tag weight was relatively high, but it has declined in the past two years, and the ATL text weight of the image has increased. These small changes will cause fluctuations in website rankings and traffic. SEO personnel must accumulate for a long time, pay attention to the changes in search engine algorithms, and make improvements to the website when necessary.

Secondly, competitors are constantly improving. Any area where there is business will have multiple competitors. Stop optimizing your website when it ranks first, but your competitors will not be idle. They study your website, constantly revise it, and add external links. If you don’t advance, you will retreat. SEO personnel must always pay attention to the trends of competitors and stay ahead.

The user’s search habits often change over time. A few years ago, search users had no experience and liked to search for relatively short words. Now most netizens know that searching for long phrases or even sentences can get more accurate results. The average search term length has been steadily increasing.

The attention paid to certain industries has also fluctuated. For example, the number of people searching for the term “SEO” has been steadily increasing in recent years. Words such as “website design”, which are also related to websites, have not improved, or are even declining. SEO personnel must pay attention to changes in user habits and social focus, and think about whether the website needs to add new content to catch new social hot spots.

The entire Internet is changing all the time. News comes out every day, and some websites shut down or even disappear completely. The previous external links may disappear because of the other’s website, or the page is pushed down to a deeper inner page, so that it is no longer included or its weight is reduced.

SEO personnel cannot control the changes on the entire website. They can only start from their own website and continue to grow bigger and stronger in order to remain invincible.

Author: sunnygoogle