The first task of SEO optimization is website content

In the process of website operation, each website has its own core theme, which represents its own expertise, delivery, and vertical content. The editor of the super ranking system organizes and publishes it.

Compared with safflower, green leaves need to be matched, and other content is the cornerstone of promoting the transformation of the core content of the website. Therefore, for a site, it is particularly important to highlight the core content.

The first task of SEO optimization is website content

So, how to highlight the core content of SEO website construction?

Based on previous experience in the production of corporate websites, the editor of the Super Ranking System believes that highlighting the core content of a website generally requires the following process:

1. Keyword database sorting rules

For website content optimization, if you want to highlight the core content of the website, first you need to prepare relevant content materials, such as the writing of SEO text, so you may need:

(1) List keywords

According to their professional content, a large number of industry-related keywords are listed. You can refer to competitors and summarize them one by one.

(2) Extended keywords

Secondly, expand according to the specific keywords listed, mainly with the help of keyword mining tools, similar to: Baidu index, and related webmaster tools.

(3) Filter keywords

When we get this part of the keywords, you may need to be rough and refined, and operate together, just filter according to the number of keywords searched, and then sort according to the degree of competition.

Finally, output the rationality of the core content and publish it in the relevant columns according to a certain website update frequency.

2. Reasonable site display

When we try to highlight this part of the content, we can refer to the following strategies based on website content exposure:

(1) Identify location

Common ones include: homepage SEO navigation, sidebar ads, banners at the bottom of content pages, and column tops.

(2) Thematic matrix

Use a lot of high-quality content to enrich the core content of small topics, which can also be used as a thematic matrix.

(3) Intranet recommendation

In the relevant long tail content, use clear hyperlink font colors, recommend more core content, and increase the probability of clicking.

(4) Guided search

For example, we often talk about the concept of “four places”, but rarely talk about the concept of “five places”. Using this strategy, we try to guide the retrieval of relevant core content.

3. Appropriate off-site promotion

(1) Traffic exchange

Traffic exchange is a common form of early Internet promotion. Although it has gradually faded out of people’s sight, one of the more common strategies is the exchange of advertising space.

We can try to discharge core content for free off-site.

(2) Media promotion

Based on media promotion, it usually has the characteristics of accurate traffic and high conversion rate, such as fantong and the core content of the website. As the entrance to the traffic, it can attract users to stay, but at the same time, we need to consider the reasonable traffic distribution in the station.

(3) External chain voting

The so-called external chain voting, of course, is based on the perspective of SEO, using high-quality links to improve the search ranking of relevant core content, so that the target content can increase the probability of obtaining more traffic.

(4) Word of mouth marketing

Based on the core content of word-of-mouth marketing, we usually take advantage of KOL. In the short term, we can quickly obtain high-quality target content traffic. Therefore, for website construction, we do not always pay attention to technology, and sometimes we should make good use of human resources.

Author: sunnygoogle