The impact of Baidu’s closed-site protection on website Seo

In the daily work of SEO, we often encounter some unexpected problems, and it may take some time to temporarily close the website. When making this decision, SEO personnel usually consider the most issues: try to minimize the impact of website closures on SEO-related indicators, and the editor of the super ranking system organizes and publishes.

At this time, closed-site protection is often the tool of choice for webmasters.

What is the shutdown protection and its impact on SEO?

Simple understanding: The site shutdown protection is a small tool officially released by Baidu that is temporarily closed, but still can retain index data for a certain period of time.

Specific operation process: When you apply for Baidu search resource platform: closed protection, the official will verify the accessibility of site data. After the review is successful, the display of relevant data of the target site in the search results will be suspended, and the largest Baidu index will be maintained for 180 days.

Official website of closed site protection:

Under what circumstances can you choose closed-site protection?

(1) Website modification: According to the needs of website development, due to the problem of the website structure, the page loading database information is abnormal. It needs to be tested and adjusted regularly. To protect the user experience, you need to apply for closed protection at this time.

(2) Website filing: Since the new site was established in the early stage, foreign servers were selected, and there was no site ICP filing, based on the consideration of access speed, the server can be transferred to domestic filing, this strategy can be adopted.

(3) Domain name hijacking: When the domain name is hijacked or the website is attacked, the entire website data is deleted, the website cannot be accessed normally, and the system is restored, you can apply.

(4) Other factors: In the face of other irresistible factors, the website must be closed for a period of time.

The impact of closed site protection on SEO ranking:

Based on past practical experience, closed-site protection is implemented for sites with relatively high weights. In the initial stage of index data storage, even more than 180 days, while the ranking is restored, the relative keyword ranking fluctuates little.

For the new website:

(1) Short time: Site closure protection has no significant impact on keyword rankings, such as: about 10 days. Of course, it cannot guarantee that Baidu can fully restore all included URLs when the display is restored.

(2) Long cycle: In a relatively long period of time, for new sites, the ranking recovery fluctuates greatly. Even if it is included, the search site is still visible in the search results, but no query is made for specific keywords. Ranking.

It is worth noting that if you are not a relatively authoritative site, when you do closed-site protection, you should try to shorten the time of closed-site protection to avoid losing a lot of traffic.

Author: sunnygoogle