To better play the role of the company website, three points that need to be paid attention to in optimization

For many unfamiliar customers, they habitually search for companies through search engines, so in many cases a high-quality website is harmless to companies. Many companies have turned their websites into one of the indispensable content for various businesses and corporate publicity, but there are also many companies that just built a website without the optimization steps, and did not make the company website really effective.

For unfamiliar customers, search engines are an important means for users to find information. Users in the same city search for the information they want and find the information they want through search engine websites. This is the main driving force for the development of the Internet. The established website must be visited by users or found by users to be valuable and meaningful, but if you want to be understood by customers, you must optimize the ranking of the website, and if you want to optimize the website well Need to pay attention to the following three points.

One, the choice of keywords

The selection of website keywords is in the eyes of the majority of seoers. If the keywords are determined according to personal perspectives, they are definitely not accurate enough. Especially in the later stage of website development, keywords must be designed and selected to meet the needs of customers. .

First of all, keywords are born for the website, and the website is worthless without the keywords, so the keywords need to be closely related to the theme of the website. In the production of the website, all the content sections are carried out around the theme of the website, especially the importance of keywords. After choosing keywords that are irrelevant to the theme of the website, even if the keywords are popular, It will bring substantial traffic to the website, and the resulting traffic will be very low in the customer’s special account rate, and it will often cause adverse effects on visitors.

Second, the use of navigation

Navigation is the essence of a website. The navigation order of each corporate website is very particular. From the user’s point of view, the habit of viewing a page is from left to right, from top to bottom, and from search The engine has the same reason for the weight of the website, and the weight of the front or is relatively high.

Do not use pictures as much as possible for navigation. Many corporate websites put the company’s publicity in the first place, and put the introduction about us and the company before the navigation. This is why many corporate sites cannot break through in a short period of time. The reason for the ranking is that the boss only considers from his own perspective, not according to the needs of the use. The boss’s idea is how to sell his brand to customers, but does not consider whether the customer really cares about you. The brand, so there is no website that considers the problem from the perspective of the customer.

3. Internal chain construction

Intrachain is the most spoken word for seoer. Generally, when someone asks you how to do website optimization, the first thing they say is to do internal chain and external links to do content, but you really can Do you understand? The construction of internal links refers to the use of anchor text to connect one by one inside the website. When publishing an article, you can make several anchor text links, and then put all other related articles in it. The anchor text of is connected to each other. This is the essence of the internal chain. When a user accesses one of the articles, it is equivalent to opening a point that can be connected to the entire surface.

Author: sunnygoogle