Ways to improve the ranking of the internal pages of your website

In website optimization, the homepage is very important for the website. The users brought by keywords on the homepage are valuable. A good website must not only have an ideal homepage keyword ranking effect, but also strive to increase the weight of the inner page to achieve the effect of the inner page keyword ranking. In this way, not only can the weight of the entire site be greatly improved, the ranking can also be stabilized, and the name effect of multi-keyword ranking can be used to introduce a large number of customer visits. However, homepage ranking is easy to achieve, while internal page rankings, especially internal page keyword rankings, have a certain degree of competitive difficulty and are difficult to achieve. Here is how to make up for your shortcomings.

1. Reasonably deploy keywords to internal pages

If there are no keywords in the page, there is no keyword ranking in the internal page. In order to sort the internal pages, the deployment of keywords is very important. We generally deploy website keywords according to the pyramid model, that is, target keywords are deployed on the homepage, secondary keywords are deployed on column pages, popular keywords are deployed on special pages, and long tail keywords are deployed on content pages.

2. Update the site to get ranking

Most of the friends who do ranking now actually use website updates, keyword density and link settings to increase the effect of weight. Is there a Seo intelligent optimization system that optimizes the entire site from the inside to the outside, and can also do the same for the optimization of internal and external pages. The weight distribution of search engines is the same regardless of the internal pages of the homepage. When we update the article, we only need to add a link to the corresponding page on the corresponding anchor text to achieve the effective guidance of the spider and the effective flow of the weight.

3. Increase the weight of the inner page

The information on the inside page should be rich and original. If a piece of content has only a few dozen words, even if the page is included, it will not give you high weight. The information is that Baidu will see if you have done this page seriously and then give it points. When generating keywords on an internal page, the content of this page can only be written around this keyword. Better title content appears, telling Baidu that the word is very important, Baidu will begin to analyze the topic of this article and give keyword rankings.

Fourth, reduce unnecessary links

Although a tight and orderly internal chain layout structure is essential to the overall improvement of the website, the reduction of all unnecessary links cannot be ignored. For some web pages that are not necessary to link, we can greatly reduce links and save weight.

Five, external link landing page settings

In addition to website updates, the release of links outside the website is also of great significance to the ranking of the website’s later construction. The editor suggested that the internal page can be set as the login page of the external link to strengthen the direction of the website’s weight increase.

Author: sunnygoogle