Where can I find the SEO website optimization tutorial materials?

In the Internet industry, search engine optimizers often have special preferences for dry goods, and even some exclusive secret books. Therefore, there are always some people who are keen to dig out the best SEO learning websites to help those who want to continuously learn and optimize, the editor of the super ranking system organizes and publishes them.

But in practice, the editor of Super Ranking System believes that a better SEO learning website comes from the official search engine platform.

Usually, when doing search engine optimization in China, we are often based on Baidu search marketing. Therefore, we believe that the best SEO learning website comes from Baidu’s official website.

The reason is as follows.

(1) Authority: The official platform has a deep understanding of algorithm principles and professional guidance.

(2) Practicality: The official guidance is practical, and the third-party platform is empirical.

(3) Timeliness: The official algorithm iterations and optimization strategies are updated in a timely manner.

Based on the experience of SEO experts in the past, we have always believed that in the process of SEO learning, we should pay attention to the following websites of Baidu:

1. Baidu search resource platform

Baidu search resource platform is a comprehensive SEO learning website, which integrates website technical support tools and website construction tutorials. The main columns worth noting are:

(1) Website support: Here you can clearly understand the basic online status of the website, and do data analysis for specific issues, such as: Baidu does not include, you can use “crawl diagnosis” to check whether the website is blocked by robots.

(2) Search Academy: Here you can gain an in-depth understanding of the working principles of search engines, master the basic rules of indexing and ranking, and provide authoritative references for future website operations.

You can also see that some experts regularly share optimization suggestions and are officially recognized.

Official website: https://ziyuan.baidu.com/

2. Baidu Bear’s Paw

This mainly refers to the homepage of the Xiongzhang mobile terminal, where you can get the official information of Baixiong’s Paw for the first time, including:

(1) Xiong’s paw’s business strategy

(2) Dry goods for offline advertising

(3) Future development direction

It can effectively guide the operation of Bear’s Paw and master the difference between Bear’s Paw and traditional websites, such as the verticality of website content.

Official website: https://xionghang.baidu.com/

3. Baidu Webmaster Forum

Baidu Webmaster Exchange Platform is an official community website. It mainly provides an early communication and learning place for SEO users. Through a simple keyword search, we can find various problems related to website search engine optimization.

Secondly, the biggest advantage of the Baidu webmaster platform is: Baidu officials will hold online activities from time to time and send more authority to webmasters through activities, such as:

(1) Acquisition of site sub-chain.

(2) Display the logo on the homepage of the website search results.

(3) Bear’s Paw number “real-time inclusion” right.

Official website: http://bbs.zhanzhang.baidu.com/

Summary: A good SEO learning website, in addition to the official platform above, is actually your own website. It requires a combination of theory and practice and continuous exploration of practical experience in order to grow rapidly.

Author: sunnygoogle